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When it comes to making one of the largest investments of your life, you can never know enough about the home you intend to purchase. That is where a home inspection from C.Block Inspections will help. The inspection will take 2-4 hours, and I strongly recommend that you attend most if not all of it. It is not only a chance to see what I see and ask questions, but I’ll do my best to educate at the same time. A home inspection should also highlight the positive aspects of your future home. Many of my observations and recommendations help to dispel purchaser anxieties, and provide useful repair suggestions. Consumers should be very careful when choosing a home inspector. In Minnesota, the home inspection industry is unregulated, and many unqualified people offer home inspection services. Companies that offer to do repair work should be avoided. Many home inspection “certifications” are not earned or tested for, they are simply paid for. Be sure to know the difference.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection of the accessible areas, components, and systems of the home. Its purpose is to report on the function, condition, and safety of the inspected components. A home inspection addresses exterior items, including grade and drainage, steps, decks and porches, foundation, walls, windows, doors, and roof. Interior items would include walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and visible structural components such as foundation, columns, beams, and floor joists/trusses. During the inspection, the operation of electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems (temperature permitting) are checked and explained.

Will the report be easy to understand?

Yes! The report is easy to comprehend and designed to address real conditions specific to this area. You’ll have lots of paperwork when buying a home; you don’t need more from me than necessary. My report is effective and to the point, without all the extra pages.

Some offer to give me a big book of general information, do you?

What you are after is a thorough home inspection with content about your home, not bulk or info that may not even apply to your home. There are many sources for general information such as “Mr. Fix-It Home Systems Guide ” that you can pick up at any home improvement store. Also there are many online “how to” or “do it yourself (diy)” websites. Choose a home inspector based on his ability. Substance should be measured in quality of content, not weight.

What if the inspection reveals a problem?

All homes, even new ones, can have problems. Every problem has a solution. Solutions can vary from a simple fix to adjusting the purchase price or a fix somewhere in the middle. Having an inspection allows the problem to be addressed before the sale is closed.Every home can have its own unique problem. A non-issue in a old home may be a huge problem in a new home. Is the problem age related? Is it workmanship? Is it defective? Would the difference be known without an inspection? Remember, construction methods and materials change and expand with technology.A home cannot fail an inspection. It is not pass/fail, it is information and education.

Did I need an inspection if the house turns out to be in good condition?

Yes. Now you can buy with confidence. You will have learned a lot about your new home and you will want to keep that information for future reference.

What are your qualifications?

I have been in the building trades since 1994, and a Building Official and Home Inspector since 2004. I am an approved Fire Code Inspector by the State Fire Marshal for daycare/foster care homes. I have trained with the State Fire Marshal and passed their examination for Sprinkler System Hydraulic Calculation, Plan Review, and Inspection. I am an approved Education Coordinator by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. I’ve been an active member of the Southwest Minnesota Chapter of the International Code Council since 2004 and have served as their 2008 and 2009 chapter president, 2015-2019 chapter vice president, as well as the 2010 and 2011 chapter treasurer.

You save money!

Whether by identifying a faulty foundation or through maintenance and energy efficiency tips, my service can mean big savings.